TYKR helps you manage your own investments and beat the market so you can retire early

Find LOW RISK / HIGH RETURN stocks in less than 30 seconds!

  • REDUCE THE RISK of Losing Money
  • REMOVE THE FEAR of Managing Your Own Investments
  • SAVE MONEY While Managing Your Own Investments
  • EASY TO USE Dashboard Safely Guides You
  • Find GREAT STOCKS Before They Become Mainstream News
  • Know When to BUY When Stocks are GOING DOWN
  • Know When to SELL When Stocks are GOING UP
  • 20 Year PROVEN Annual Returns Between 10% and 96%
  • 20 Year History OUTPERFORMING the S&P 500
  • Layman's Terms Language Makes Investing EASY to Understand
  • A Source of Truth to AVOID BAD ADVICE

Real People. Real Results.

Doug Hinton


I can tell you that TYKR is very easy to use. You are able to look up stocks on your own as well as look at what’s hot or what not to purchase. The concept on how it works is easy to follow so that you understand why the stocks are scored the way they are. I also enjoyed the option of creating a watch list so I could continue to follow different stocks that I was considering to purchase. Another nice perk is the daily stock news email that gives you a stack to watch as well as a stock to stay away from. This has definitely given me an increase in my confidence as to what I am doing with our future investments.

Doug Hinton
Behavioral Health Services Administrator


TYKR has made investing simple. I used to watch stocks for days, weeks, and months. Waiting for the right time to invest. Even then it was guess work. Now I can just look up any stock and know Immediately if it’s the right time to invest. I don’t even check my stocks every minute like I used to. Quick, easy, and gives me a piece of mind.

Shawn Aldana
Shawn Aldana
Matt Tauscher


As a former Registered Rep and now self taught investor I found TYKR to be an extremely useful tool. It really opened my eyes to new companies in different sectors I wouldn't have previously looked at. I can confidently invest in new companies I never would have thought of. TYKR doesn't just rate the stocks but it tells you WHY they are rated the way they are which is a big deal. Instead of investing in companies I like or use, my portfolio is now much more diverse.

Matt Tauscher
Insurance Advisor


TYKR is easy to use and understand. TYKR allows me to find great stocks that have potential for a nice return and gives me the financial measures and metrics to target specific stocks to further research and make an informed decision on. The scoring of the stocks based on financial measures increases my confidence on taking on risk. The platform has all the information I need to understand why a stock is ON SALE or OVERPRICED.

Gregory Borsari
Actuarial Pricing Analyst
Gregory Borsari
Kody Aulenbacher


TYKR has been extremely helpful for determining between stocks to purchase or run from! (Especially for a self-taught investor). Some of the stocks even hit double digit returns the next day. It’s super easy to use and understand the information presented. Already have shown off the info to friends, who may be in the market for a tool like this!

Kody Aulenbacher


TYKR! What a great tool to use as a guide in the world of stock investing. Easy to use and super informative. It’s great to have all this information in one location.

Brian Smyth
Business Development Manager
Brian Smyth



A definitive rating system allows an investor to easily understand if a stock is ON SALE, WATCH, or OVERPRICED.


TYKR has been back tested from 1999 through 2019. Proven results have shown TYKR to be profitable every year with annual returns ranging from 10% to 96%.


A quantitative analysis can take days. It’s a painstakingly non-glamorous process to analyze a stock correctly. TYKR reduces that time down to SECONDS.


TYKR has been back-tested from 1999 - 2019. Even through the Dot-com bubble bust in 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008, if you would have used TYKR, you could have been profitable every year.

Here is an annual performance summary of the S&P 500 compared to TYKR.

S&P 500 TYKR
2000 -10.14% 30.29%
2001 -13.04% 21.95%
2002 -23.37% 10.08%
2007 3.53% 37.17%
2008 -38.49% 24.32%
2009 23.45% 72.37%


Have you LOST money in the stock market because...
  • You bought stocks using your “gut” feelings?
  • You heard about a trend on the internet?
  • Your friend told you about a “hot” stock?
  • You believe you knew an industry?
  • You believe you are “lucky”?
Here is how TYKR helps you MAKE money...
  • TYKR has a proven system that has OUTPERFORMED the S&P 500 for 20 years
  • TYKR helps you find investments that have proven to generate between 10% and 96% annually
  • TYKR guides you through your invest journey, allowing you to remove fear and reduce risk
  • TYKR helps you increase your confidence by defining the real reason WHY a stock is ON SALE or OVERPRICED
  • TYKR tells you when to BUY and when to SELL, removing the guesswork and emotion from investing