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A definitive rating system allows an investor to easily understand if a stock is ON SALE, WATCH, or OVERPRICED.


TYKR has been back tested from 1999 through 2019. Proven results have shown TYKR to be profitable every year with annual returns ranging from 10% to 96%.


A quantitative analysis can take days. It’s a painstakingly non-glamorous process to analyze a stock correctly. TYKR reduces that time down to SECONDS.


TYKR has been back-tested from 1999 - 2019. Even through the Dot-com bubble bust in 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008, if you would have used TYKR, you could have been profitable every year.

Here is an annual performance summary of the S&P 500 compared to TYKR.

S&P 500 TYKR
2000 -10.14% 30.29%
2001 -13.04% 21.95%
2002 -23.37% 10.08%
2007 3.53% 37.17%
2008 -38.49% 24.32%
2009 23.45% 72.37%


Have you LOST money in the stock market because...
  • You bought stocks using your “gut” feelings?
  • You heard about a trend on the internet?
  • Your friend told you about a “hot” stock?
  • You believe you knew an industry?
  • You believe you are “lucky”?
Here is how TYKR helps you MAKE money...
  • TYKR finds ON SALE stocks before they become mainstream news.
  • TYKR has proven to beat the market for 20 years (1999 - 2019).
  • TYKR removes the guesswork and relies completely on MATH.
  • TYKR removes the fear of losing money by defining the real reason WHY a stock is ON SALE.
  • TYKR analyzes thousands of stocks daily, saving you hours if not days of research and analysis.