How It Works


If someone tells you to buy a stock, the last thing you should do is buy that stock. The first thing you should do is ask WHY? The WHY page clearly defines in layman terms language why a stock is a GOOD investment or BAD investment. This gives you the confidence to make a wise decision.


An easy to understand rating system. A stock is either ON SALE (BUY), WATCH, or OVERPRICED (SELL). Keep in mind, TYKR has a rigorous algorithm which makes achieving a summary of ON SALE difficult. If you find an ON SALE stock, it's passed our tests and you can rest assured in most cases knowing this is a wise investment.


The higher the MOS (Margin of Safety) the higher potential returns you will make. MOS is the difference between the SHARE PRICE and STICKER PRICE where STICKER PRICE is the real value of the stock.


The higher the SCORE, the safer the investment. The range is 0 - 20 where 0 is BAD and 20 is GOOD. This represents the overall financial strength of the stock.


Payback Time is the estimated time it will take for the stock to double. This is calculated based on the growth rate of the stock price. This number should NOT be taken literally. Payback Time should be used as a comparing tool against other stocks. For example a stock with a Payback Time of 3 years will most likely double faster than a stock with a Payback Time of 7 years. Important Note: If the Payback Time is 0 or a negative number, that means the stock is under performing.


Click ADD TO WATCHLIST to add a stock to your watchlist. When a stock resides on your watchlist and changes between ON SALE, WATCH, and OVERPRICED, you will be notified by email. This allows you to “Set it and forget it”! Let TYKR do the monitoring for you. (This feature is available for PRO users.)


An EASY BUTTON! If you're not sure where to start, visit the TOP 50 ON SALE. This shows the TOP 50 safest investments in the market.

8TOP 10

This is the “put my money where my mouth is" feature on TYKR. This shows the TOP 10 stocks I own along with the allocation percentages. VERY FEW investors reveal their portfolio. If you’re not sure where to start on your investment journey, this TOP 10 will allow you to invest side-by-side with me. I'll also provide updates weekly on the BUY, SELL, and HOLD moves within my portfolio. (This feature is available for PRO users.)


TYKR has been back-tested from 1999 - 2019. Even through the Dot-com bubble bust in 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008, if you would have used TYKR, you could have been profitable every year.

Here is an annual performance summary of the S&P 500 compared to TYKR.

S&P 500 TYKR
2000 -10.14% 30.29%
2001 -13.04% 21.95%
2002 -23.37% 10.08%
2007 3.53% 37.17%
2008 -38.49% 24.32%
2009 23.45% 72.37%