Sean Tepper

Sean Tepper

Founder & CEO



Do you feel like stock investing is too confusing, too time consuming, or too risky?


It doesn’t have to be.


TYKR gives you the power to manage your own investments.  Our platform finds LOW RISK and HIGH RETURN stocks so you can beat the market and retire early.


In fact, TYKR has proven to beat the market every year for 20 years.  From 1999 through 2019 the lowest annual return was 10% and the highest annual return was 96%.


With just a few clicks you'll be able to REDUCE RISK, SAVE MONEY, and INVEST CONFIDENTLY.


If you ever considered investing on your own but don't know where to start, TYKR is your solution.  TYKR safely guides through your investment journey by finding ON SALE stocks and teaching you WHY those stocks are ON SALE.  As you continue to use TYKR, your investment skills and confidence will increase, and you'll save money while doing it on your own!


I look forward to helping you take your investments to the next level!


TYKR Back Story
My background has been a unique combination of IT Project Management and Investing. From 2006 to 2011 I operated a small service business, building websites and custom software applications for small and mid-sized enterprises. During these first five years of my career, I discovered I wasn’t going to build wealth by solely providing a service or working a job.  I came to realize that real wealth is created through investing.  In other words, real wealth is created through the power of compound interest.

In 2010 my first business merged with another firm and I branched away.  In 2011 I started angel investing in tech startups part-time while continuing to serve primarily as an IT project manager full-time. Some of the companies I was fortunate to serve as an IT project manager included GE, Kohler, Kohl's, and Direct Supply.

From 2011 to 2016, I was able to generate some residual income through angel investing but I was never able to achieve the desirable goal of selling a tech startup at a 10X multiple. To no surprise, that is a lot easier said than done.  In other words, I was sick and tired of losing money on investing.

Since I couldn’t find success as an angel investor in the private market, in 2016 I took a step back and turned my attention to the public market.  

Before I turned my attention to the public market, I knew that top stock market investors were making 15%, 20%, 25%, and sometimes as much as 50% annual returns consistently.  The key word is "consistently." 


The question was, how were they doing that?


I also knew that top investors did not “guess” their way to those BIG returns. They don’t use emotions, feelings, or beliefs. They use logic and the foundation of logic is math.  See, publicly traded companies have historical data you can use to calculate the trajectory of a business.  In other words, top investors use math to make consistent returns in the stock market.

At this point, I was highly motivated to discover that math.  To do that, I decided to read as many investing books, watch as many videos, and listen to as many podcasts as I could to understand the logic behind stock investing.  I then applied my software engineering background to reverse engineer and test the math.  In most cases, the math failed but it didn't take long to discover successful patterns.

In fact, within my first year of investing, I was able to generate a 15% return compared to the market average of 6%.


I knew I was on to something but I had to remain skeptical.  I didn't doubt myself, I just knew I had to run more tests.

I went on to refine the algorithm and achieve returns ranging between 15% and 50% over the next few years.  I have to admit, this was not a glamorous process.  In order to create successful products in the word of software engineering, you have to run extensive tests.  In this case, I ran thousands of manual tests with the motive to break the algorithm and prove it doesn't work.  Yes, you read that correctly, I wanted to prove this DOES NOT WORK.  Honestly, that's your goal in software engineering.  You want to break products so you are forced to make them better.


To my surprise, I found the algorithm does work.  In fact, a little better than I expected.

In the summer of 2019 I started showing investors what this algorithm could do and I was advised to put this through a real test.  Run in through the 2008 recession and see what happens.

Here are those surprising results...

In 2008, the S&P 500 dropped by 38%. If you would have used TYKR in 2008, you could have been up 24%.

In 2009, the S&P 500 went up by 23%. If you would have used TYKR in 2009, you could have been up 72%.

In 2010, the S&P 500 went up by 12%. If you would have used TYKR in 2010, you could have been up 96%.

I then went on to back test TYKR every year from 1999 - 2019.  Over the duration of 20 years, the LOWEST return was 10% and the HIGHEST return was 96%.

That is the moment when he decided I can’t keep this algorithm for myself. I need to turn this into a platform to share with others. That’s when I decided to create TYKR.